ENews Info and Sign up

eNews is one of the communication tools we use at Fairmeadow to inform parents on what is happening at Fairmeadow, Fairmeadow PTA, PAUSD, and the community. It’s an online newsletter that is sent out to Fairmeadow parents via email once a week, usually on Monday early morning. With Fairmeadow Event announcements in between. The latest eNews as well as an archive of the previous eNews newsletters can also be found here.

If you want to start receiving eNews, you can send an email to itor that includes your name and your email address in the body of the message.   You may include more than one name and/or email address in your message.  For example, you might want to add a work email address or add your spouse.  If you wish to remove yourself from the eNews list, send a message to  with the words “unsubscribe fairmeadow” in the body of the message.

If you want to submit an item for eNews, please write up a short description with date, time, and location and email it to . Information submitted by Friday 5pm will be posted in the Sunday Edition. 

Please be aware that our PTA has a noncommercial policy which states that we do not associate with any commercial activities of other organizations including, but not limited to the promotion of their goods and services. Therefore only submissions from non-profit organizations will be included in eNews.

For more info, please contact:

Parent Teacher Association – Palo Alto, CA