Project Cornerstone

Welcome back families and schools to the 2020-21 school year!
Our theme this year is EMPATHY.

In April, we are discussing :
The dot, by Peter H. Reynolds

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This book is about a young girl named Vashti who is convinced that she can’t draw. Her teacher encourages her to try by saying, “Just make a mark and see where it takes you.” Vashti makes a dot on the paper​, she signs it, and her teacher frames ​it! This positive experience​with a caring adult, helps Vashti change her mud thoughts about drawing into clear thoughts. Her growth mindset leads to developing a new, unexpected spark. Vashti’s story reminds us that youth will listen and participate when we initiate the conversation to try something new.

Join in the discussion with your child

At home, you can continue to help you​r child bloom by doing the following:

  • Model using positive self-talk and turn mud thoughts into clear thoughts. 
    “I hate spelling. I ​will never be able to spell​!”-mud thought
    “Spelling is hard for me, but I can practice and work hard to do better.”-clear thought
  • As a family, ​try something new. Learn a new skill (i.e. baking, dancing, knitting, throwing a Frisbee, exploring new places).
  • Let your child teach you something new.
  • Encourage your child to list all the things they enjoy doing and rank them according to their enjoyment.

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For over 20 years, Project Cornerstone has partnered with Silicon Valley schools, parents, and community organizations to deliver programs, trainings, and services that support youth to develop the social and emotional skills to grow into responsible, caring, and healthy adults who feel valued, respected, and known.Our children, families, and adults in our communities need support in social and emotional well-being, now more than ever.

As we pivot to new distance learning models this year, Fairmeadow’s Project Cornerstone team has adjusted the way our programs, trainings, and workshops are offered, including:

– Offering online monthly trainings to prepare classroom/grade readers the tools to connect virtually with their students.

– The YMCA is offering pre-recorded lessons and activities that are still based on our impactful, and research-proven Developmental Assets model. Teachers, school staff and/or parents can easily deliver these lessons to their students/ own children as virtual lessons in the classroom or at home

We look forward to continuing the very important Project Cornerstone at Fairmeadow Elementary.

If you have any questions, please contact your Fairmeadow Project Cornerstone Leads: Parvathi Belur or Mari Ueda-Tao.

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