What is Walk & Roll Day?

Walk & Roll to School Day is a national event encouraging families to use some form of active transportation for their school commute. At Fairmeadow, we have two Walk & Roll to School Day events — one in the Fall (on International Walk to School Day and National Bike to School Day) and one in the Spring. Walk & Roll to School Day is part of the Safe Routes to School Encouragement program (part of the 6 E’s of Safe Routes to School) to get students walking and biking to school safely.

Studies show some exercise before school helps students concentrate and be ready to learn. From the Safe Routes to School Website: “There is a growing body of evidence showing a positive relationship between physical activity and measures of academic achievement, including grade point average, rate of learning, and classroom behavior, as well as cognitive, social, and motor skill development.” Active kids learn better!


Palo Alto is committed to helping kids be more active. According to the Safe Routes section of the City’s website, “The City of Palo Alto is committed to creating and sustaining a community partnership with the Palo Alto Unified School District and Palo Alto PTA to reduce risks to students and encourage more families to walk and bike or use other alternatives to driving more often.” We see this commitment in action with crossing guards at major intersections on school routes, and the City’s ongoing analysis of and upgrades to bike and pedestrian infrastructure. In addition, to assist families in finding the best walking or biking route to school, each campus has a Walk & Roll map that outlines the best routes and shows estimated walking and biking times for different distances. Fairmeadow’s Walk & Roll map can be found here.

On Walk & Roll to School Day, please consider trying a different way to get to school. If you usually drive your student to school, keep in mind that the route you take by car may be very different than the best route to take on foot. For example, if you usually drive on Middlefield, you may (rightfully so) be hesitant to bike that way. The good news is that you don’t have to — there are much better alternatives! The map outlines routes that have significantly less traffic. You will find that walking or biking to school on quiet streets is much more pleasant than a hectic drive in traffic. And who doesn’t want to avoid the daily congestion on East Meadow?

If you live too far from Fairmeadow to walk or bike, you can still participate in Walk & Roll to School Day! Getting any single car off the road is part of the goal, so you could carpool. Or you could park a few blocks away from school and walk the rest of the way. That way, you’d avoid the traffic crunch and get a little exercise, too!

If you have any questions about Walk & Roll to School Day, or would like help finding the best route, please contact Fairmeadow’s Safe Routes to School Representative, Tiffany Aubin (fairmeadow-safe-routes@googlegroups.com).